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    Check Out Our Christmas Lights Helicopter Tour

    Last updated 20 hours ago

    New York City is a beautiful place no matter what time of year it is, but it is at its best during Christmastime. If you’re searching for the ideal way to see all of the holiday lights strung up throughout NYC, Wings Air has the perfect solution.

    During the holiday season, Wings Air Helicopter offers New York Christmas Lights Helicopter Tours for two. These 30-minute helicopter tours allow you to take in the stunning beauty of New York at Christmas, when the chilly weather and wonderful decorations combine to create a true winter wonderland. Contact us today to find out more about our New York Christmas Lights Helicopter Tours, or to learn about our helicopter charter services.

    The Christmas Gift Guide by Wings Air

    Last updated 9 days ago

    This Christmas give the gift of flight! Helicopters are wonderfully versatile machines guaranteed to impress even those who may not be so much into flying.

    At Wings Air we offer a wide variety of helicopter services from flight lessons to sightseeing tours so everyone can find their best match. We also offer open-ended gift certificates that can be applied to any flight and are valid for one year.

    If you're still searching for the perfect Christmas gift, here are some pointers!


    Introductory Helicopter Piloting Experience on Robinson R22 or R44 Helicopter

    Duration: 60-90 minutes

    Price range $210-$575

    Let him feel like he's in control with this private helicopter piloting experience! No prior flying experience is required since each lesson begins with a 30-minute ground briefing covering helicopter controls, flying technique and safety procedures. Lessons are offered in 2-seat and 4-seat aircraft so you have the option to hop in the back seat and watch him fly the helicopter (additional fee and weight limitations apply).

    Click Here to Purchase


    Introductory Helicopter Piloting Experience on Turbine Helicopter

    Duration: 50 minutes

    Price $450

    If he's a speed demon, he's going to love getting his hands on a powerful turbine helicopter like the AS350 or MD600 with average cruising speeds of 100 knots. The experience begins with a 30-minute ground briefing given by a seasoned helicopter pilot, followed by an approx. 20-minute supervised flight over Westchester with views of the Manhattan Skyline in the distance. Bring additional passengers for $45 per person.

    Call (914) 361-4674 to Purchase



    Romantic Night Helicopter over New York for Two

    Duration: 30-45 minutes

    Price range: $450-$625

    She may have done sightseeing in the city that never sleeps but not like this! Dazzle her with a romantic, private flight over the iconic Manhattan Skyline to get a close-up view of Times Square, the Empire State Building, the Freedom Tower and wave to Lady Liberty. Toast with champagne after you land!

    Click Here to Purchase


    Are you looking for something not listed here? Contact us to discuss custom projects! (914) 202-3440 or

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    • NYC today

    Why You Should Take a Helicopter Ride to Vermont This Winter

    Last updated 23 days ago

    A helicopter ride can be an entertaining and fulfilling experience, and Vermont is a popular destination. Vermont is especially popular during the winter because of its breathtaking scenery and lavish entertainment options. Here are a few reasons why you should take a helicopter ride to Vermont this winter.

    Snow Sports
    If you are into snowboarding, skiing, or snowmobiling, Vermont is the winter location for you. This state is the home of skiing. In fact, the industry got its start on the steep Vermont slopes. The Green Mountains feature 17 ski resorts, so you are bound to find the perfect ride for your style.

    Even if you are not interested in snow sports, Vermont is a beautiful place to spend a vacation with your loved one. For those who do enjoy skiing or snowboarding, there are plenty of ways to wind down. Vermont is a romantic place and is full of quaint inns and cozy dinner spots. The weather is cold, but it is not bitterly freezing; dress in layers and you will feel perfectly content.

    Aside from the sports and the atmosphere, Vermont is a popular location because of its gorgeous sights. The state features countless mountains draped in soft, bright snow. There is no better way to observe these sights than by looking out the window of a helicopter. Seeing Vermont mountains or their snowy towns from a helicopter is similar to viewing a beautiful painting—the difference is that you get to land there.

    The best part: you can get from Midtown Manhattan to Mount Snow is only 1.5 hours by helicopter!

    If you’re thinking about chartering a helicopter to Vermont this winter, contact Wings Air or visit our website. We are a New York-based helicopter company that offers tours, charters and flight training as well as aerial film production and photography. If you would like to know more about our services, please give us a call at (866) 983-0188. 

    Reasons to Learn to Fly with Wings Air Helicopters

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Piloting a helicopter can be among the most rewarding experiences that you will ever encounter, and flying with Wings Air makes the experience even better.

    At Wings Air, we provide all of the necessary information and hands-on experience to help you mature into a capable pilot; we even offer some additional luxuries as well. Rather than one person teaching a class full of students, our lessons are done on an individual, one-on-one basis. This means that your training will be tailored to your individual needs. We maintain our own aircraft at our own facilities up to the highest standards in order to ensure that they are always safe and comfortable. Cameras attached to our training helicopters help us review your performance and provide the most useful feedback possible.

    The recommended first step in your flight training is what we call a ‘discovery flight’. Essentially an introductory flight lesson, it allows you to take the controls under supervision to gain a better insight into being a helicopter pilot. If you decide that it’s a path for you, we offer flexible scheduling and financing to make your transition easier.

    For more reasons to fly with Wings Air, visit our website or call a flight instructor at (866) 983-0188 to find out why we are New York City’s home for helicopter flight training.

    A Look at the Science behind Helicopter Flight

    Last updated 1 month ago

    When you look at a helicopter, it doesn’t look like something that would naturally glide through the air. Instead, there are mechanisms that pit forces against each other in order to achieve the right balance, which yields flight. Here is a look at the science behind helicopter flight, which will come in handy if you are interested in learning how to fly a helicopter or if you want to dazzle your friends or family during your upcoming helicopter tour. 

    Main Rotor
    A helicopter’s main rotor is the uppermost mechanism that resembles a super-powered ceiling fan. This rotor is the most critical part of the helicopter itself and is responsible for its lift and maneuverability. In order for a wing to create an upward force, it must be in motion; the blades that comprise the helicopter’s main rotor are the wings that will develop lift by displacing air downwards. This requires a significant amount of force, so the main rotor connects to the engine for energy. The main rotor is critical for lifting off and maneuvering, but it is not the only rotor that is necessary for a helicopter to safely take flight.

    Tail Rotor
    The main rotor is powered by the engine, and it spins at a rapid rate in order to promote air displacement and liftoff. However, this system would normally have the body of the helicopter rotating in the opposite direction, which clearly impairs the ability of a pilot to fly the aircraft. It is the responsibility of the tail rotor to produce a sideways thrust that works in the opposite direction as the engine.

    Moving in the desired direction is a matter of manipulating the swash plate. Tilting the swash plate changes the angle of the blades on top of the helicopter. This causes the lift generated by the rotor to produce thrust in a certain direction, moving the helicopter’s body accordingly. A pilot will use this method in conjunction with the tail rotor to move freely in any direction.

    Wings Air is a New York City helicopter operator that offers helicopter charters, scenic tours, flight training, aerial photography and aerial cinematography. Feel free to give us a call at (866) 983-0188 or visit our website to learn more about our services. 

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